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Everett Fritz is the Director of St. Andrew Missionaries in Centennial, Colo.

Loving Our Roman Catholic Prolife Friends With Gospel Truth

A cradle Catholic, Sandy Wanzeck has been active in faith formation ministries since Matt and Mindy Dalton are the co-founders of Marriage Missionaries. They have been doing this missionary work, full time, for the past 9 years. She is also the Liaison for Healthcare to the Archbishop.

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She also served as the…. We educate and inspire youth and adults throughout Northern Colorado with age - appropriate presentations on life issues. We seek to transform our state into a place where every human being is valued and protected from the moment of their conception until natural death. Download Flyer. See media coverage of Celebrate Life Student Essay Contest. Many things that we don't consider to be living persons might meet this criterion. Our tonsils and appendices are certainly both human and alive, but we don't consider their removal as anything close to the killing of a person.

The unique DNA argument is more compelling. Sperm and egg cells contain genetic material that will later form the zygote. The question of whether certain forms of gene therapy also create new persons could be raised by this definition of personhood. The pro-life vs.

Can the ‘seamless garment’ approach to pro-life issues make a comeback in the Catholic Church?

Circumstances put them in a position where abortion is the least self-destructive option available. The most effective forms of birth control — even if used correctly — were only 90 percent effective not long before the beginning of the 21st century. Redundant prophylactics can reduce the odds of pregnancy 30 or so years later to those of being struck by a meteor.

The option of emergency contraception is available if those safeguards fail. Numerous advancements in birth control technology might further reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies in the future.

Pro-Life Committee - St. Clement of Rome Catholic Parish and School - Des Peres, MO

It might be possible that abortion will largely disappear in this country at some point during the 21st century, not because it's been banned but because it's been rendered obsolete. Finer, Lawrence B.

Frohwirth, Lindsay A. Dauphinee, Susheela Singh, Ann M. Santorum, Sen. Share Flipboard Email.

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Our political crisis, in other words, is deeply rooted in a familial crisis that is existentially felt. America Comment. Why Hispanic immigrants are so pro-life.

C C Pecknold. Slice 1. A Hispanic Catholic born outside the US is far more likely to oppose abortion A recent poll reveals that while White Catholics sadly mirror national divisions on abortion, Hispanic and Latino Catholics paint a more complicated picture. Read more. America Latest News. Catholic News Agency.

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