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This issue is so prominent that it affects their day-to-day life.

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Moreover, there are many causes of the inability to pay attention. Such causes include, but are not limited to, boredom, neurological problems, and other psychological abnormalities like ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperac2ivity Disorder ADHD is distinguished from other disorders of attention in that ADHD involves three noticeable groupings of problems that may manifest together or individually Research Papers words 5.

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By the eighties, this syndrome was later named ADD and not known as an illness but as a disorder. Soon enough ADD was no longer used for diagnoses and doctors began to consider it an outdated term. Research Papers words 3 pages. Research Papers words 6. Attention deficit disorder is often accompanied by various emotional and other neurological disorders. Although there is no pure test of attention, several objective measures and observation tools can be used to measure components of attention skills.

Parent rating scales on the BASC-3 and the Conners-3 along with interviews, and examiner observations were used to assess concentration Research Papers words 2. ADHD affects the way a child behaves in a way that affects not only the way they learn and comprehend an education, but how they interact socially.

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Research Papers words 4 pages. Research Papers words 3. Researchers in the s found that some children had severe problems in paying attention, but little or no problem with hyperactivity at all. Findings suggest that in the name of the disorder got changed in a way that is confusing for many people Recent studies in the past few years have proven that males and females of all ages have been diagnosed with ADHD.

This disorder is very common and is very manageable. To treat individuals with ADHD medical stimulants, such as amphetamines is prescribed.

These medications are highly sought after by many students to help them perform on testing and completing assignments. The students want the drugs because of the pressure of being academically successful So that means that this disorder starts out in the brain and stays in the brain She demonstrated significant variability across cognitive areas, two specific areas of weakness were noted. Tina was found to have difficulty with reasoning using previously learned information and with registering, maintaining, and manipulating visual and auditory information in conscious awareness.

Attention Deficit Disorder. First make sure everything is correct. Make sure your text is well structured and easy-to-understand. Keep the text coherent whenever you restructure your paper or add some more information.

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Sign up. Lost your password? Academic Resources. Categories of Transitions Transitions accomplish many different objectives. We can divide all transitions into four basic categories: Additive transitions signal to the reader that you are adding or referencing information Adversative transitions indicate conflict or disagreement between pieces of information Causal transitions point to consequences and show cause-and-effect relationships Sequential transitions clarify order and sequence of information and the overall structure of the paper Additive Transitions These terms signal that new information is being added between both sentences and paragraphs ; introduce or highlight information; refer to something that was just mentioned; add similar situation; or identify certain information as important.

When you a place where a transition could connect ideas, establish relationships, and make it easier for the reader to understand your point, use the list to find a suitable transition term or phrase. Similarly, if you have repeat some terms again and again, find a substitute transition from the list and use that instead.

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This will help vary your writing and enhance communication of ideas. Read the beginning of each paragraph. Did you include a transition? Check the structure of your paper—are your ideas clearly laid out in order?

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These terms will help outline your paper for the reader. Our Services. Tags: academic writing tips , grammar tips , research paper , research writing , writing tips. Writing the Results Section for a Research Paper. Notify of. Related Posts. Knowing which punctuation to apply within sentences can be confusing. But rules are important

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