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He agreed to the resolutions drafted in his absence, but it is clear that the war guilt clause was not his creation. Eventually, the Allied negotiators realized that Wilson was prepared to sacrifice much in order to get approval for the League of Nations and began to use this point in their favor. Clemenceau, in particular, used the League as a bargaining point in his insistence on reparations. These observances clearly show that Wilson was frequently outmaneuvered by the European statesmen.

Wilson, himself, admits that his secondary position played a role in his acceptance of the war guilt clause.

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Wilson notes that it is unreasonable for the Allies to attempt to aid Germany increase its capital while their existing treaty plan drains that capital at the same time. This was a wave that Wilson was able to catch. His First Inaugural address address strikes three standard Progressive chords: We have come far, but we must go farther. The government has a role to play in assuring social justice. The latter half of the speech contains a set of generalizations that point to defects in current political and economic arrangements.

But there is a certain vagueness here. She knows the topics others fellows have pursued and the faculty who have served as mentors in the past. If any course you are taking provides possible inspiration for your research, talk to the professor during office hours about your interests and how to develop them. Do not hesitate to approach an older fellow for advice. He or she may know a great deal about your area of interest and the faculty in that area. Read course descriptions in the course catalogue to see if any courses specifically or generally align with your research interests and contact the professors who teach these courses.

Look up the research interests of the faculty in the department s that interests you the most on their departmental websites. Your mentor must be a full-time Hopkins faculty member. It is strongly recommended that your official mentor be someone on the Homewood campus. Administratively, it will make things much easier for you. Contacting a Potential Mentor Contact the professor by email, asking for an informational interview about your interest.

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Write the email in a formal manner, and be sure to address them by their honorifics usually Dr. Being too informal with a professor who does not know you can put off the professor before the two of you even meet. This topic is also covered early on in the workshop series and sample emails will be shared. Based on that discussion, review the budget originally drafted for the project. You must discuss your budget with the director of undergraduate research throughout this process, but be sure that the finalized version is signed by your mentor before you submit it to the director for final approval.

Woodrow Wilson Research Papers

Add a brief description of your project, including any necessary clarification of how your expenses fit into your research plans. Turn in the budget to the director of undergraduate research. All Wilson documents are managed through Box. This process will be outlined during our workshop series.

No past budgets or documents should be deleted from Box. An email from your mentor to the director is used to show approval. Record your finances in a an Excel spreadsheet. You will be responsible for turning in an expense log with digital copes of receipts at the end of each month that purchases are made. Meet with your Mentor Discuss where you anticipate needing guidance e. Ask your mentor for some reading suggestions because one of your first tasks will be completing an extensive literature review.

Would your mentor prefer to meet in person or correspond through email and phone calls? Changing Mentors Fellows should not expect to change mentors.

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If you enter the summer after sophomore year without a mentor, you risk losing your fellowship. Maintain a 3. If your GPA falls below a 3. If this happens for three semesters in a row, you will be removed from the program with the right to appeal.


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If you are a double major, your primary major must be in the Krieger School. Attend all mandatory meetings. You must notify the director by email in advance if you cannot make a meeting and explain your conflict. Prepare a page essay at the start of each fall semester discussing your research activities to date.

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Meet individually at least monthly with the director of undergraduate research. Also, all fellows must meet with the director to get budget approval before any expenses are incurred. Turn in a final product to the director when you have completed a research project. In it, he had to convince Americans to accept massive costs to help create peace in a faraway land.

Little of the 20th-century history as we know it seemed inevitable at that moment when Wilson, who had come to the presidency with only two years of experience in elected office as governor of New Jersey, faced angry crowds of antiwar demonstrators threatening to block his entrance to the U.

Access to open shipping lines was an important struggle in the British and German war. Germany responded to a British blockade by escalating its attacks on shipping vessels, but many Americans viewed these matters as not their concern. Then came the May 7, sinking of the RMS Lusitania, which shattered the notion that this new form of warfare could be easily ignored. After being struck by a German torpedo, the luxury cruise ship sank in just 18 minutes, resulting in 1, casualties — including Americans.

Despite the tragedy, Wilson continued to practice moderation. Over time, these included restrictions on what kinds of ships could be targeted and what kind of warnings should be provided. The Germans believed they could end the war quickly by taking a more aggressive stance. On Jan.

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Faced with the complete rejection of his primary means of limiting the European conflict, Wilson was also jolted by the public revelation of the Zimmerman telegram , which alleged German military collaboration with Mexico. It was just weeks after Germany hardened its stance that Wilson strode to the podium and faced Congress.

The present German submarine warfare against commerce is a warfare against mankind. Americans had long resisted the temptation to engage in European politics. A broad ocean reinforced the notion that European affairs could be left at a distance. He saw the oceans as conduits of a new era, not a barrier.

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